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Why apply? 

The annual Texas Open Call is our primary resource for identifying artists who are interested in and eligible for participation in Artpace’s various artist programs: the Artpace International Artist-in-Residence program, exhibitions, educational programs, and special events.  All Texas resident artists who apply for any of our programs will be automatically included in the Texas Open Call database, where their materials and applicant information will reside.  Artists may select which opportunities they wish to be considered for, but need only apply once per year.


Applicants for the 2020 Artpace International Artist-in-Residence program will be reviewed on a rolling basis by Artpace staff and guest curators.  Selected artists' studio visits will take place in 2019.


Find more information about our programs and exhibitions here: http://artpace.org/home/exhibits/international-artist-in-residence/texas-open-call


Who is eligible to apply?

The Texas Open Call opportunity is available only to artists currently living and working in Texas.  Texas must be the artist’s primary residence for at least one year. Applicants from other states or countries will not be considered.  Current students, Artpace staff, and members of the Board of Directors—as well as their spouses or domestic partners and immediate family—are not eligible to apply.  While past Artpace artist residents are not eligible for future Artpace residencies, they may apply to Texas Open Call for Artpace’s other artist programs: exhibitions, educational programs, and special events.     



  • $15 per application 
  • Application fees support the administrative costs associated with Texas Open Call
  • No refunds
  • Free for Artpace members


About the application process

While guest curators select resident artists, Artpace assists by creating the Texas Open Call list of contemporary artists living and working in Texas. Each year, three guest curators review the list and may conduct studio visits with selected artists on the list during their respective Texas resident selection process. All submissions will be reviewed by each guest curator.


What happens after you submit your application:

  • Artpace staff reviews your application.
  • Artpace selects three guest curators each year, and each curator is given access to the Texas Open Call database. 
  • Throughout the year, Artpace staff and guest curators will carefully review all applicants in the Texas Open Call database.
  • Artpace staff will consider artists for year-round exhibitions, programs, and special projects, and other opportunities.
  • Each guest curators will select 20-25 Texas artists for studio visits. Artpace will contact artists via email or phone to schedule studio visits. Studio visits for spring 2020 residencies will be made in spring 2019. Studio visits for summer 2020 residencies will be made in summer 2019. Studio visits for fall 2020 will be made in fall 2019.


Please note: An artist can be selected for multiple studio visits within one given year, but once selected for a residency, an artist is not eligible for future studio visits with guest curators for the residency programs. So, if a guest curator visits an artist's studio in spring 2019 and selects them for a residency, the artist will no longer be eligible for summer or fall guest curator visits.

Also, once an artist has participated in a residency, they will still be a part of the Texas Open Call, but they will only be considered for exhibitions, programs, and special projects. No artist can participate in more than one residency.


  • Guest curators will select Texas resident artists for the Artpace residency. Artpace will notify selected artists by phone or email.
  • If you are selected for other Texas Open Call opportunities – exhibitions, education programs, special events - Artpace will contact you via email or phone.

Thank you for applying to be a part of Artpace!


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